WiFi Direct to the Consumer

Keeping the Community Connected with Bus WiFi

How We Reach Them

Up Close & Personal

The most personal and intimate way to reach someone is on their cellphone. Transit WiFi delivers your message directly into the hands of your consumers on their smart phones and tablets.

How it Works

We have a variety of types of ads placements that can help you advertise your products or services to customers. From pre login ads, to required ads, to clickable ads, you choose when, how frequently and where your ads appear.


With Our Transit WiFi You Will Be Able To …

  • Access Loyal Riders
  • Target in Your Preferred Age Ranges
  • Market to a Specific Gender, Education, or Social Class
  • Create Custom Retargeting Programs.
  • Have Constant Exposure and Non-Stop Branding
  • Real Time Market Analysis.
  • Know Where Your Marketing Dollars are being Invested
  • Only Pay For Impressions Served

Transit WiFi Media


Transit Displays


Social WiFi Media


Digital Ad Networks


Start Reaching Your Audience.

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