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Transit Media

The New Era of Reaching Your Audience with WiFi

We are in a new era and internet connection is a must! Because of that, we’ve come up with an innovative and revolutionary way to reaching the right audience, maximize budgets, and convert customers into loyal returning clients. Our platform allows you to show off your brand on our commuter’s mobile devices boosting your audience’s reach every day. Advertise with us and give your brand constant viewership and maximum potential.

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Connecting You to a Specific Demographic of Riders

Transit commuting has increased rapidly over the years allowing marketers to reach a new kind of audience. By providing FREE Wi-Fi on buses, we can reach a large number of commuters, many of which use transit more than 5 times a week. More than half are commuting for business purposes and approximately 21% are shopping and putting money back into the economy.

With Our Transit Media Platform, You Can:

  • Access Loyal Riders
  • Target the Age Ranges Between 25 to 53
  • Market to a Specific Gender, Age, or Social Class
  • Create Custom Retargeting Programs

Affordable. Proven. On Track.

Reaching over 3 Million people who ride the bus. Unlike most traditional marketing techniques, Transit Media can gather and display the information you collect in real time. Real-time updates. Digital ads instantly.

Budgets For All

Any size budget. Only pay for impressions served.

Proven Results

Manage campaigns easily with integrated tracking pixels.

Target on Track

Direct Call-to-Action with WiFi landing pages.

How We Reach Them

Up Close & Personal

The most personal and intimate way to reach someone is on their cellphone. Transit WiFi delivers your message directly into the hands of your consumers on their smart phones and tablets.

How it Works

We have a variety of types of ads placements that can help you advertise your products or services to customers. From pre login ads, to required ads, to clickable ads, you choose when, how frequently and where your ads appear.


With Our Transit WiFi You Will Be Able To …

  • Access Loyal Riders
  • Target in Your Preferred Age Ranges
  • Market to a Specific Gender, Education, or Social Class
  • Create Custom Retargeting Programs.
  • Have Constant Exposure and Non-Stop Branding
  • Real Time Market Analysis.
  • Know Where Your Marketing Dollars are being Invested
  • Only Pay For Impressions Served

Digital Signage on Busses is the New Way to Broadcast

Reach More Customers On-the-Go

People do not sit at home they are out, doing things. Digi-VUE Advertising’s Transit Media broadcasts your ads on digital displays inside transit busses.

With our innovated programmatic advertising, you can reach more people on-the-go. Advertising on busses allows you to connect with a hard to reach audience, giving you the ability to build a long term relationship with your key demographic.

Expand your market to the inner and outer cities of the Sacramento and San Luis Obispo regions, Downtown Los Angeles, Northern Los Angeles County, and Northern San Bernardino County. Reach More customers who are searching for what you have to offer.

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