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Getting your marketing done right comes with great teamwork. Our team of professionals are creative, innovative and not afraid of some good old fashioned elbow grease.

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Whether it’s a beautiful digital experience or a highly crafted motion piece, we take the time to do the job properly so that the end result makes an impact and is built to last.

Joshua Ginsberg

Chief Executive Officer

Josh is the visionary and creator of Digi-Vue Advertising. He started the company at just 23 years old. Over the years, Josh has improved and expanded his services with the use of technology. Josh is really involved in his community. He is affiliated with 5 Chambers of Commerce and is currently the director of Economic Development for the Antelope Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He was voted amongst his peers as director of the year for his contributions in 2016 and 2017. He is also a director for the Children Center of Antelope Valley. He has won countless awards throughout the state of California and is an expert is almost anything creative/technology related. Josh is an artist he enjoys painting, drawing and cooking on his spare time.

Nataly Torres

Senior Marketing and Administrative Assistant

Nataly is a key player in keeping everyone at Digi-VUE Advertising on the same page. Not only does she handle all of the company’s internal marketing, but she also maintains client accounts. She graduated from California State University Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Nataly is passionate about social media management, branding, and media relations. She enjoys to write and you can find over 10 of her professional articles published online. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoys communicating with a broad spectrum of people. Connect with Nataly on LinkedIn.

Bryce Rigby

Head of IT

Bryce started at Digi-VUE Advertising as an intern and later became the head of the Information and Technology department. He does proximity wifi marketing and digital signage hardware and software maintenance. You will often find Bryce on the go visiting Digi-VUE’s members and assisting them with their advertising network. He represented the state of California in a national competition and is an expert when it comes to animations, illustrations and photography.

Anna Marquez

Account Executive

Anna is passionate about sales and advertising. She is completing a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing later this year and enjoys research and learning about different industries and “playing in other people’s playgrounds”. She has always been the type of person to learn about the different roles in a company, she enjoys diversity and because of this she is a well connected person. Anna has helped Digi-VUE Advertising create multiple tools in growing the business. Anna was a graduate from the Digi-VUE Advertising intern program. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Jerry McCory

Sales Representative

Jerry has over 15 years of experience in sales. He graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Marketing and has worked in multiple industries. He is an expert in public speaking and a fellow toastmasters alumni. He was born and raised in Mississippi and is very family and community oriented. He has participated in multiple fundraisers, some of which battled drunk driving and at risk youth. You can connect with Jerry on LinkedIn.

Brooke De La Torre

Data Software Technician

Brooke is a tech genius. She is the person that fixes any bugs or glitches we may have in our system. When a client needs anything updated, Brooke is the one to get the job done. She is currently getting her degree from Antelope Valley College in 2020 and started here as an intern.

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